Research Based on the Arts (IBAE) From September 23 to November 11 (every Wednesday from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Spain) ONLINE.

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If you want to investigate a professional or personal project from any area of ​​knowledge in a creative and innovative way, this course is for you.


What is Research Based on the Expressive Arts?

Research based on the arts (IBAE) is a new research paradigm that considers the arts as a way of generating knowledge (Barone and Eisner, 2011; McNiff, 2013; Leavy, 2009).

All the arts: drama, music, dance, collage, poetry, digital media, among others - are integrated into multiple types of research and in different fields of knowledge.

The IBA restores the passion, vitality and eros present in the experience of making art to research processes.

Different researchers have developed different ways of bringing the arts to their research to expand the possibilities of generating knowledge and harnessing its potential to evoke images, meanings and emotions.

In this course we will accompany you so that you can start or continue deepening your own research and we will do it in a completely different way from the conventional ones.

If you want you can continue reading more about this innovative model of research and generate new knowledge .....